Hi tumblr I’m back yet again!!! Mostly to bore you with a bunch of crap and then forget all about you

I feel like I can’t even post this on Facebook without hurting someone’s feelings. I come home from work today to find my neighbors at my house AGAIN waiting for the obvious… Beer from my dad. Seriously, these people are complete mooches. Even when my mom was here they mooched off of her as well. They just invited themselves to a FAMILY dinner that was planned by my mother. GTFO!!! No one invited you! They took drinks without even asking and threw my brothers dog in the deep end of the pool. Not to mention that the poor dog doesn’t really like the water anyways.

It’s different when he’s in the shallow end, at least he can find the damn stairs!

It just pisses me off that you think my house is a free resort 24/7 and you think you can have drinks on the house. I wish I can move out but as this time I just can’t do it!